Unmatched Speakers

"Board Engagement and Partnership Drives CU Success"

Kris Lewis
CEO, Allegan Community CU

Join us for an insightful discussion on how creating the right Board with the right amount of engagement and investment can drive your credit union’s success. Specifically, Kris will delve into how credit unions can build the right Board of Directors with the necessary bench strength that allows management to cash-in on their diverse fields of expertise. You’ll also learn how to set expectations for Board members and the CEO that include clear lines of distinction in responsibilities. The conversation will then shift from the informational to the strategic and you’ll learn how you can take your Board meeting from a reporting exercise to a forward thinking strategy session. Using his “Think like a billion, act like a million” mindset, Kris will share what his credit union has been able to accomplish by simply thinking like a big credit union while maintaining the organization’s roots.