What's Your Wow?

Kate Delaney
Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Author and Nationally Syndicated Host of NBC Sports Radio Talk Show and ForbesBooks Radio

Nail the question of what you do in less than 10 seconds.

Communicate what sets you apart from everyone else. Take the doubt out of you, your business and your future. Engage quickly and kick the door open for opportunity. Clarity and confidence lead to connection in every aspect of YOUR life. If you want more business, you need a WOW!


  • Conquer confused interactions by an introduction with a memorable WOW when you are at an event to network. Create the perfect pitch for a product or even yourself.
  • Dominate the conversation with Kate’s two-step process in crafting a compelling story that sticks and makes you BUZZWORTHY. Call backs for business will be the norm.
  • Specific tactics on uncovering other people’s WOW, so you know if you’re a fit. This leads to more effective decisions, more productivity and more business.