Jason Kotecki

Jason Kotecki, CSP

Artist, Author and Professional Speaker

Jason Kotecki is an artist who speaks. Really, really well! He is an expert at helping people “Escape Adulthood,” in order to restore balance, beat burnout, and become more innovative by breaking rules that don’t exist. His mission is to fight Adultitis, sharing strategies from childhood to create lives with less stress and more success. Jason is passionate about sharing his message that there is more to life than the hectic busyness, cynical lethargy and overwhelming stress that is typical of most modern lives. Jason's inspiring, entertaining and heart-warming programs are visual masterpieces jam-packed with relevant, practical information coated in fun.

General Session:
#Notarule: The Art of Winning at Life by Breaking Rules That Don’t Exist
Thursday, May 16th: 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Convention Center | Ballroom A