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"Why Co-Op Leaders Must Be ALL IN"

Entrepreneur, Author, Co-Founder, Chairman, and Co-Chief Executive Officer, CCA Global Partners

Why do co-op leaders need to be ALL IN? Because just running a credit union was never our only mission. Because we believe in connecting the community to the services they use every day. Because ownership in what we do matters. Howard Brodsky will present the Unexpected edge credit unions and co-ops have in today’s economy. He will share the Cooperatives for a Better World initiative, a global effort working to build public awareness of cooperatives and credit unions around the world, and how local credit unions can leverage positive messages, credit union & co-op identity, and the element of surprise to engage its members and employees. Recent survey data and discussions with leaders and influencers have revealed a significant opportunity to build the collective brand and identity for credit unions and cooperative businesses. So why do co-op leaders need to be ALL IN? Because people want to build a better world now, and we are the ones to build it with them.