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"MILLENNIALS, TRUMP AND AMAZON.COM...Trends and Issues That Will Impact Your Cash Flow and Profits"

Gene Marks
Columnist for The Washington Post, Author & Small Business Owner

Want to increase your cash flow and profits over the next 4 years? Then, like many other successful business owners and managers you'll need to be thinking ahead and taking action now. In this entertaining, educational and fast paced keynote, Washington Post columnist, business owner and author Gene Marks will answer the most significant questions facing your business over the next four years.

What effect will the soon-to-be largest generation in the U.S. have on your business and profits? How will you sell to them? Why are they different from prior generations? What do you need to know to find, hire and compensate this very different group of people so that they are happy, productive, motivated and profitable?

How will the policies of a Trump Administration affect your business? What regulations will change? What will happen with taxes, the affordable Care Act and other legislation coming out of Washington? What actions should you be taking now so that your business can profit from this administration?

Thanks to the cloud, there's been a proliferation of great technologies and applications that could change your business over the next few years. What are they? What technologies are smart business owners and managers investing in now to ensure that their companies stay profitable, productive and attractive to Millennials and others in the coming years?