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"If You Are Burned Out...Were You Ever Lit?"

Dr. Dale Henry
Author, Speaker, Founder and President, Your Best Unlimited

Sixty hour weeks, constant e-mails, texts, deadlines, complaining coworkers, teenage kids, bills, and traffic is enough to drive all of us into the woods screaming and crying. Why do they do this to us? Well “they” don’t! Instead of stacking your problems on top of each other, let’s take a moment and think this through. Try working smarter, not harder! E-mails and texts can be sorted and prioritized so that they don’t invade your personal time. Complaining and whining co-workers should be avoided at all costs! Traffic and bills can be managed by being early. That just leaves teenage kids. For this, you are on your own. It’s really all about the how, not the why! Dr. Dale Henry brings his own brand of humor and fresh perspectives to leadership values, so join us as we reset and refresh or burned out lives.